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A family-friendly personality quiz to explore the Delaware River Watershed

This fun personality quiz introduces children to the Delaware River Watershed's cast of characters. It is part of an entire suite of digital products designed and built by Bluecadet, with exhibition design partner Habitheque, for the River Alive exhibit at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia,

It's built with React and packaged with Electron to be installed onsite at the museum, and content is managed across the entire exhibit with a custom Drupal back-end.

Lovely illustrations, bouncy type, simple interactions

As users progress through a series of animated personality questions, each response is rewarded with a delightful animated scene. When done, your personality match is revealed.

Interactive Map

After completing the quiz, users can explore local organizations, activities, and places to visit to learn more and support the watershed.

We built a fun, bouncy interface using the Popmotion animation library for juicy physics-powered animations.

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