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Eko Inspiration Hubs

Eko Cookshop, produced in partnership with Walmart, is a collection of fun shop-able interactive cooking video experiences. Bluecadet helped Eko produce four show series. I led the development team, implementing custom UI and show story logic using the Eko platform tools. We created a UI library for each show that could be reused across multiple episodes.

An Embedded Product Team

After a series of successful show production sprints, an embedded Bluecadet product team took over ongoing development of the Inspiration Hub platform itself. This included a migration effort to run multiple sites from the same core codebase, a front-end rebrand, accessibility improvements, and ongoing feature development and A/B testing with the Eko product and data teams to increase episode engagement. We shifted to a vertical story format, built dynamic in-episode shopping prompts, and implemented a geolocation feature for displaying regional-specific product brands.

Additionally, we collaborated with Pinterest and Walmart teams to provide a shop-able recipe interface for Walmart’s collection of promoted recipe pins.

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